Jan 07, 2022

Airport Self Check-in Kiosk

Another project I took part in as an intern was this sleek Airport self-check-in kiosk app. The prototype was working effectively with a multi-step check-in and a ticket printer.

When I first saw how it looked on Adobe XD, the designs were outside my expectations. It was minimal and beautiful. However, I could be biased because I love the blue and red color combinations. I also thought I had no idea how to create such a beautiful kiosk app's front-end. But with the help of my mentor and the digital artists, I was able to achieve the basic front-end of the app using plain HTML, CSS, and JS.

As I mentioned in my other post, I learned a lot at Optima. This project was one of the most challenging, and I am most proud of finishing it.





All digital assets in this post are by Optima Digital's artists. Credits to the respective owners.

McDonn Michael

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