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The best work I have done is yet to come. Opportunities out there are still waiting for me to unlock my true potential. I was blessed to work with projects in WordPress and learn React and NextJS. I admit there were challenges, but I am enjoying my growth as Web Dev.

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My Work History and Inspiration

After graduating from college, I landed a job in NexusBond, one of the UK's leading digital agencies. I took part in their numerous projects, including ones featured on their website. Before this job, I had an internship in Optima Digital, a post-production and digital services company known in the Philippines and South East Asia. These companies helped me build up my digital design skills and coding ability.

My work experience nurtured me into a front-end beast. In late 2021, I transitioned into Freelance, where I learned much more with WordPress, React, and NextJS. None of these would be achievable without the help of coffee shops, where I spent most of my learning. In this Pandemic age, I took the coffee shop ambiance to my home, hoping to become a better mutation of a Developer.

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First Front-end Dev Job

At NexusBond, I did Front-end Development work such as developer documentation, WordPress page building, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. Occasionally, I created tutorial videos for clients to help them use their web apps.

Exploring Freelance

As a Freelance Web Developer, I helped create websites with WordPress, PHP, CSS, and Javascript libraries. I also engaged with clients and scheduled regular meetings with them. I filled in multiple roles such as QA and Project Management.

Further Opportunities

Using the extra time in my Freelance projects, I revisited React and explored NextJS to enhance my front-end coding skills. With these enhancements, I am looking forward to better opportunities as a Front-end Web Developer.

Skills That I Enjoy Improving the Most

I believe in making a career out of doing what I enjoy doing. I enjoy coding. Recently, I have learned to code in React and NextJS. I made this website using both React and NextJS, together with GraphCMS. I mainly focus on learning and doing front-end coding to make some of my projects. But I also learn a thing or two on the back-end as a bonus. GraphQL, MongoDB, and Firebase are some of the basic knowledge I gained.

However, I am not just a code-head though. I like learning many things and new things. Coding or otherwise. I enjoy gaming. I also like art and photography. I appreciate the detail and complement it provides to my work. I believe success is achievable through creativity and adaptability using technology.

Front-end Web Development and Design

Intermediate to Advanced HTML and CSS. Intermediate vanilla Javascript. Basic PHP and UI/UX concepts.

Frameworks and CMS

Basic React and NextJS. Basic Firebase, MongoDB, and GraphQL, as for back-end frameworks. Intermediate WordPress. Basic GraphCMS

Learning as a Hobby

I am constantly learning and exploring things to add to my wisdom. I am currently exploring Strapi as another CMS tool. Python is also on my list of things to learn.

Featured Projects

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